Destroy Clocks is an Ottawa-based band fusing post metal, shoegaze, and progressive sounds. Formed in 2013 by guitarist/vocalist Kevin N. Hell and keyboardist/vocalist Nicole Lefebvre, Destroy Clocks began to carve out a style of music that is as heavy as it is serene, and as chaotic as it is beautiful. After self-releasing a demo in 2014 and following it up with their "Reanimalize" EP in 2015, the band kept busy playing alongside such acts as Alcest, Rosetta, Abigail Williams, and No Joy. After adding drummer Tyler Black to the line-up in 2016, the band began to focus on their unique brand of noise with the release of two singles: “Highway Eyes” and “Tinman”, both recorded with Topon Das of Fuck the Facts at Apartment 2 Recording. Through their fusion of abrasive guitar, transcendent piano, and precision powerhouse drumming, the trio continue to evoke a wide array of emotions in their exploration of sound.

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